Founded in 2018, Cake Records is records label and music publisher. In an area that is predominantly monopolized by Country Music, the team at Cake had to be diverse and diligent with their business model. Originally birthed from the minds of producer/engineer Matt Royer, and artist Nathan Fouts - currently the LLC has 5 members cemented into its framework. Amongst the new additions are manager and business cognoscente Stuart Singleton, multifaceted instrumentalist/producer Will Newman, and the head of photography & videography, Bryce Thwaits.

At the core of their mission, there is no inquiry needed to understand their motivations. Cake Records solely resides in the industry due to their shared love of music and production. Incorporating a large number of contributors and talent - ranging from lofi producers to various other artistic individuals - the team is only focused on working and building their base. Alongside the core members listed on the LLC, there are upwards of 20+ others involved in the day to day progression of the label.

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